America is not the Second Beast – by TheProtestantView

America is not the Second Beast – by TheProtestantView

The first 5 minutes is me explaining why I may not be supporting Michael Adam’s show and apologizing for my endorsement and speaking of why I probably shouldn’t support him.

Someone who has the strongest teaching of America being the second beast, can be found here:

As far as the second beast goes, I use to believe America was the second beast, until 2 weeks ago when I did a bible study. And it dawned on me that it just doesn’t add up in scripture.

If you want to read the geneva bible and footnotes, you can at:

Just keep in mind they do sometimes skip the verses if the verses have no footnotes.

The Vatican tries to rule in people’s life both temporally and spiritually.

A beast is a government. I have yet to see America enforce a religion on anyone. Separation of Church and state means the CHURCH is SEPARATED from the GOVERNMENT. Therefore the Church is separated from the government. SO that horn is not on the beast (government). It is SEPARATED from it.

If the Church is not part of the government, it is separated from it. And that is exactly what separation of Church and State means.

The Vatican is a Government and church combined. It functions both Temporal and Spiritual. You could say it has a political horn and a spiritual horn.The Vatican dresses up in christian clothing, yet it definitely speaks as a dragon. And it had all these features as soon as it appeared.

And if you think the first beast is the Vatican, then when has America ever made me worship the first beast? I’m trying to even come up with money to go protest the pope sitting in on a joint session of congress. And I am not the least scared for my life. If america is the second beast, I thought it was suppose to make me worship the first beast? Why do I feel so safe then?


I think Joggler66 has a pretty decent show. I think he is interesting to listen to, just understand that he does teach that America is the Second Beast.

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