The Lunar Sabbath is a False Doctrine

I thought I would write a quick article and add some links. I want to be clear, even though I appeared on Michael Adams show “Nothing But the Truth”, that I do not believe in the Lunar Sabbath, and I believe this is a doctrine that is easily proven false.

Whatever motivates people to believe a lie such as the Lunar Sabbath, I am not sure. It seems clear just by reading the first chapter of Genesis, that it would end the discussion. And even in the commandments, it seems quite clear the week is based on a 7 day cycle and that the moon has nothing to do with the cycle of the week.

The reason we even have weeks, is because God created everything in 6 days and rested the seventh. Every week, every 7 day cycle, is a memorial that God is the Creator.

The one thing that led me to Jesus when I was lost in New Age and other religions, was that I thought it was peculiar there was a 7 day week cycle. There is no real explanation for this. There is nothing natural to base it on. The only thing to reason it on, is the biblical account of creation.

I do not believe God (YHWH) is a god of confusion. I don’t think He would create any commandment to be hard to understand. Especially when one is suppose to die for breaking it.

As far as what constitutes breaking the Sabbath, I can understand why some people get confused about things like “Is brewing Coffee on the Sabbath breaking the Sabbath?”. But as far as what day the Sabbath is, I think the bible makes it very clear.

God seems to make it clear the Sabbath is strictly based on a 7 day cycle. When one tries to keep the “Lunar Sabbath” well sometimes there can be 8-9 days in a week.

Considering that a week is based on the 7 days of creation, and that the Sabbath is suppose to be a memorial to God creating all in 6 days and resting the 7th, then it would not make any sense to EVER have a week contain more than 7 days.

People ask “Well, is the moon for keeping track of time?” The moon it seems was used to designate what we call a “month”. Just like our calendars today, just because a new month starts, it does not affect the cycle of the week.

Even the word for week has 7 within the word.

shabua: a period of seven (days, years), heptad, week
Original Word: שְׁבֻעַ

For more on this subject, these are some videos I think might help:

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The true christian sabbath is every 7 days. In America, by our calendar, the Sabbath would begin friday at sundown and end saturday at sundown. Saturday is what most people call the 7th day in America.

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