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I am a Sabbath Keeping Christian. I keep the biblical 7th day Sabbath.

My name is Chris Lucas. I am known on Youtube and many other places as  Liquid Smooth (liquidsmooth on Youtube). I have that name because I DJ and dance. I try to stay away from playing dirty music. The type of music I play is like Kaskade (“Steppin Out” and “It’s Me, It’s you” sum up the type of music I go for).  The style of music I mainly play is called House Music (and not all house music is good).

A company which makes ROM has also stolen my name.

I been a christian for the past 13 years. I was in new age before that. I grew up going to church before that and was baptised when I 8 years old. I grew up poor, and had to make choices like choosing going somewhere fun with my uncle on Sunday or going to church. I always chose church, trying to be a good child. I didn’t have sound christian teaching while growing up, so I was able to be pulled away from the faith as I got older and was taught things like evolution. I had a near death experience which changed my faith and led me to believe less in the God of the Bible. Started getting into new age, Buddhism and other religions. Later had a breakdown at the age of 27, which led me to examine the Bible again in which I gained a new understanding.

I do not belong to any denomination. I call my own denomination 7th Day Berean. I personally believe most churches out there (including the Seventh Day Adventists) are part of the Great Whore (the catholic church) and are her harlot daughters.

And Jesus did say the Way is narrow, and few find it. So I have a hard time believing that there are so many churches going the right Way.


My issue with the SDA church is that they elevate Ellen White to that of a prophet, and I believe she has many unbiblical teachings.

I am a vegetarian, but I don’t believe the Bible teaches that you have to be. It is something I always liked being because I hate hurting animals, and it is sort of a prayerful thing I do to show God I wish things were like the way before man sinned, because I believe mankind were vegetarians before sin.



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